Sunday, 1 August 2010

Spend a Night with the Corps

I really enjoy looking at men in tall spit shined riding boots. It's the combination of that totally masculine authority of boots and that wonderfully sensual look and smell of quality leather and boot wax combined with those beautifully undulating surfaces of well cared for boots. Motorcycle cops, RCMP's, police on horseback, English riding boots and polo boots that are well shined make me instantly hard. Having mutual sex with a horny guy in boots is always delicious but I guess there is nothing like remembering that first time with another guy in boots that still can set my cock tingling. There's a college in Texas that has a Corps of Cadets that predates the formal ROTC program in most colleges. The Corps of Cadets was started in the late 1890's and now comprises more than 2200 cadets from freshman (fish) to Senior cadets who wear the sexiest spit shined plain brown knee high riding boots with their uniforms. I've always preferred black spit shined boots but these brown boots are real sexy to me. The Corps has its own uniform that is similar to the army ROTC olive drab winter uniform but they wear light colored breeches and a drill instructor flat brimmed cover with it. In the summer they wear a light tan weight version to cope with the Texas heat. The Senior cadets wear riding breeches with their boots. Cadets other than Seniors wear standard issue uniform pants with spit shined black low quarters. Each spring there is a Corps of Cadets recruiting weekend for high school Seniors who are coming to this college to consider joining the Corps. It's called "Spend a Night with the Corps". My dick gets hard just hearing those words again!
Back in high school no one knew about my boot fetish much less my homosexuality. I was very careful to keep all those powerful urges to myself. I had a small and discrete collection of favorite boots and cordovan plain toe shoes that I'd fuck regularly but I had no boot buddies at that time to share my secrets with. In fact I was not sure there was anyone else on the face of the earth that had this powerful reaction to boots and the guys that wore them.
Anyway, I jumped at the chance to get a little closer to those wonderful Senior booted studs and signed up for the Corps weekend. I wore my new Justin black ropers which at that time were not so common a sight. I spit shinned them well and gave them a good funking before I left for the college campus that day. I especially like boots when they are just broken in, fit comfortably but still have that almost new leather smell. I thought it was a good idea to cum at least once before I arrived on campus and saw any of those sexy Senior boots. I thought having shot a load on my new Roper's that morning would make it easier to stay in control of my urges when I got to campus.
The Corps weekend activities were very well coordinated and I learned more than I cared to about all the history and traditions of the Corps of Cadets. Mostly I found reasons to stare at all those hot young men in their Senior Boots and breeches. Actually, by the time the weekend was over I became quite a connoisseur of spit shined tall brown riding boots noticing all the subtle differences in custom boot shapes, the different look of thin calves guys boots compared to heavy calves, the many styles of spurs worn, and finally the quality of the spit shine. My biggest problems were making sure I wiped the drool off my chin before it stained my shirt and disguising my raging hard on whenever possible! But now on to the good stuff.
The dorm room I was assigned belonged to a Senior named Keith Zimmerman. He was none too happy about my being assigned to his room. It seems Seniors do not have to participate in hosting roommates but his regular roommate was in the hospital and I got assigned the vacant bed. I was so damn excited to be in the same room with this guy I did not mind his attitude. Actually he calmed down after a while and we hit it off quite well. I played trumpet in High School Band and Keith played trombone in the Corps of Cadets Band. While Keith was telling me about all the fun he has in the Corps I was visually devouring him. He was about 5'10" 185 lbs. dirty blonde close-cropped hair and sparkling deep brown eyes you could get lost in. His body was well proportioned and he had a great firm well-shaped ass. I had to make believe I understood all he was saying while I lusted after this studly booted beauty strutting around the room. I was a little relieved when he finally sat down on the bed across from me. At least I could concentrate on his sparkling boots and not lust after his ass quite so much. I had to remind myself to stay in control of my urges and not give in to my desire to jump this guy, rip off his uniform and have my way with him and his sexy boots! I had to remind myself of this many times before the night was over.
After dinner in the dorm cafeteria Keith invited me to come along with him and a few of his Senior buddies to their local watering hole. We walked across the quad to the bar and on the way I was tantalized by the sound of these four Seniors in Boots with large horseshoe heel cleats and small toe cleats beating a rhythm on the pavement. It was great to be this close to four guys in boots but I was not ready for the erotic sound of those cleats as they hit the pavement. By the time we reached the bar I needed a cold beer to pour in my crotch to calm me down!
It seems Seniors are big beer drinkers but are not allowed to get drunk in uniform. Because this was the recruiting weekend all the cadets had to stay in uniform so I heard a lot of complaining about how much they could drink if only they were in civvies! I like beer; I've always liked it and can drink my fair share even at that young age. I made it a point to sit next to Keith as we all piled into the booth at the bar and my goal was to make sure his glass was never empty. I was beginning to think I had a real shot at bedding old Keith when he started to let his leg rest against mine in the crowded booth. I loved the feel of his leg against mine and wished I had a legitimate reason to slide under the table and give his boots a good cleaning with my tongue on my way up to burying my face in his crotch and while I was under the table, I should service those other three guys and their boots. But for right now, I had to deal with reality and settle for a nice leg lean while I poured as much beer into Keith as I could. By 11 PM those Cadets were feeling pretty good but unfortunately Keith seemed to be holding his beer pretty well although he was slurring some words which gave me some hope for later. We walked and staggered some on the way back to the dorms and saluted good night to the other three Seniors. Keith and I went to his room and before I closed and locked the door Keith fell on my bed fully clothed and seemed to be out of it. I decided not to rush things with him because I had no indication that he was interested in me in spite of the leg lean in the bar. Besides, I wanted to enjoy just looking at this handsome guy spread-eagled in my bed in the privacy of a locked room. It would have been too much to ask for Keith to be gay. I was pleased I had him to myself if only in a very limited way, but I'm not proud when it comes to spit shined boots on a masculine guy and there’s an opportunity to show my appreciation for his boots. I decided to just stand there by the door and watch Keith for a while and see what happens. In a few minutes Keith began to lightly snore and I knew it was time for me to inspect this hot cadet a little closer. I turned a desk light on across the room so I had some soft indirect light to drink in his wonderful body, uniform and boots. Keith was face up on my bed and he was lying slightly diagonally with his boots sticking straight off the end of the bed. I slowly got down on my knees between his legs and leaned over to his right boot. I put my nose close to the boot shaft and began to drink in the wonderful smells of leather, wax and sweat. My heart was pounding with anticipation of being able to explore every surface of his sexy boots with my tongue and lips. I decided to start my worshiping and cleaning with his right boot sole. I've never been one to get into cleaning mud off boots I prefer clean well shined boots but I couldn't help noticing he had a very thin full leather sole with those great spurs that were attached to a small silver linked chain crossing under the boot between the gap of the heel and the arch. He also had those studly horse shoe cleats on his heel pad and a small one on the toe. I remembered how hot the sound of those cleats made me earlier. I gently kissed his heel and felt the cold metal of the big cleat and the nice smell of the full leather soles and heel. Keith did not seem to notice my first contact so I got a little bolder and began to tongue wash his sole and heel. I'd never done this before with any of my boots. I mostly concentrate my tongue and lips on the beautiful spit shined surfaces but I was really enjoying the feel of the slightly rough leather sole and the smell of the leather now wet with my saliva and the taste of the dust from the campus. I cleaned every square inch of his boot sole. My cock was rock hard and needing some relief from my jeans so I unzipped my fly and released my rod so I could stroke it as I worked my tongue up the instep of Keith’s boot on to that wonderfully smooth well polished brown leather. At the first feel of that spit shined boot leather my cock twitched and I had to consciously stop for a minute to calm down so I wouldn't blow my load right then. I wanted to take all night to cum on Keith's boots over and over again. At 19 years old I could cum many times a night and this night would provide all the stimulus I ever dreamed of.
When my breathing slowed down again I resumed my exploration of his right heel cup, which was extremely well shined and felt spectacular on my lips. His spurs were cool to my touch and the small chain rattled a little when I licked it. Now my tongue began gliding around the outside of his right foot and as I moved up the length of his foot I could feel his little toe on the side of the boot. It was really stimulating to feel the firmness of the leather as it encased his warm foot in this custom made boot. I could hardly wait to get my mouth and lips on the beautifully polished toe box; this is one of my favorite parts of a boot. It was smooth as glass and filled my entire mouth as I opened my jaw wide to allow my tongue to wash and caress the entire surface of the toe box. I'm close to cumming again and make myself break the embrace with Keith's boot toe. My heart is really racing now and I have to will myself to calm down and not shoot my load on this spectacular boot. It takes me almost five minutes to calm down.
I decide it is time to take my clothes off so I can really appreciate Keith and his boots. Thankfully he is continuing to snore lightly and doesn't seem to notice my caressing of his boot. I'm so worked up by now that I'm not sure I would stop even if he did wake up, but luckily for me, he remained asleep. I put my new spit shined black ropers back on my bare feet. I love the feel of bare feet on the soft leather lining of a good boot. I could only imagine what it would feel like to wear Keith's boots but I had lots of love making to do before I would be pulling those beauties off his legs tonight. My cock was still dripping with pre-cum when I re-approach this sleeping booted beauty.
I got back down on my knees and gave the toe of his boot a nice long suck and caress with my tongue and then slowly slid my mouth back from the toe and up his arch enjoying the leather ripples that trace the shape of his foot in the boot. I next kissed the leather strap holding his spurs on and let my tongue slide between the strap and the boot surface underneath. I tell myself to slow down and really enjoy every inch of this boot but it is hard to go slowly when my heart is pounding from this beautiful boot. Now my tongue is exploring the sensuous folds of boot leather at his ankle where the boot shaft breaks down. My tongue follows the soft valleys around the side of his boot moving back to just above the heel cup. The spur glistens in the soft light. Now my lips begin the erotic climb of his spit shined boot shaft. The smell of the leather and wax is especially strong here and very satisfying to me. I let my tongue take long wide laps at this wonderfully smooth shaft. I turn my head sideways and open my mouth wide to let my lips slide over the gleaming surface. I slowly and systematically cover every inch of his boot shaft by gently lifting his leg up just enough to get my lips under the back seam of the boot. The well-shined leather now wet with my saliva glints in the light of the desk lamp. I pause and kiss some of the highlights reflecting off this spectacular boot shaft surface.
I finally reach the top of the shaft and my tongue finds the soft cloth of his breeches. I can smell Keith's sweat where his breeches meet the top of his boot. He smells so good to me that it pushes me over my limit. I can no longer deny myself the pleasure of orgasm so I stood up and straddled his boot and let my boiling cock come to rest on his boot shaft just above the ankle. I love the feel of the warm boot between my legs. That sensuous toe box rests wonderfully near my ass hole. My balls are resting gently on his instep and I begin to slowly and sensually hump this handsome guy’s sexy boot. I love the feel of his warm boot against me and I lean down to get as much of my stomach and chest in contact with the gleaming leather as possible. I wrap my hands and arms around his warm sexy boot as I press it into my body. I hear the light jingle of the spur chain as it hits the heel pad as I stroke his boot with my whole body. I work hard at keeping my humping rhythm as slow as possible so I can get as many strokes as possible from this embrace. My eyes course up Keith’s breeches as I imagine what his cock would feel like in my mouth. His uniform is surprisingly neat for having been worn all day. He is so handsome in his uniform with colored braids on the left shoulder and ribbons on his chest. His eyes are closed but I remember those deep brown orbs and enjoy being lost in making love to his wonderful boot. I hold my breath as I stroke Keith’s boot and I can hear soft leather creaks as my cock presses onto the boot shaft and I squeeze the foot of his boot between my legs moving his toe closer to my butt hole. It is the combination of all these wonderful sensations but especially the soft creaking of the leather under my cock thrusts that pushes me beyond description. My cock is throbbing with anticipation and my head is swimming as I drink in the feel, smell and warmth of this handsome cadet. It doesn't take long for my cock to explode. I grunt uncontrollably as I shoot ropes of cum all over his beautiful boot. I hear myself saying softly, Oh Keith!, Oh Keith!. I lean a little harder on Keith's leg and squeeze his boot between my legs as the last of my load oozes out of my cock head. It was a great orgasm, my knees feel weak but I can't break the embrace. I lean one knee on the bed and gently kiss Keith’s crotch to thank him for being such a cooperative, though unconscious partner in my boot lovemaking. I rest my face in his crotch and drink in his smell. I'm careful not to press too hard, though I would love to suck his tool and clean his balls with my tongue on my way to exploring his beautiful ass. But first things first. It's only about twelve thirty A.M. and I have a long and joyous night of boot sex ahead. I spend the next 15 minutes cleaning my cum from his boot as well as revisiting all those sensuous places on this wonderful boot now glistening with my saliva.
And that's just what his right boot was like. Wait till I tell you about his left boot and how I gently turned Keith over, pulled down those breeches and gave him a long gentle and very wet rim job while I was straddling and humping both his wonderful shiny brown boots together. This cadet has a wonderfully smooth tight ass that's almost as sensual as his boots. I didn't get much sleep that night as you can well imagine, but I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face the next day either. Keith did not seem to remember any of my lovemaking the next morning. In fact he was a little embarrassed to have fallen asleep in his uniform on my bed. When I finally finished with him around 5 in the morning I put his uniform back on him as best I could and crawled into his bed and had a few hours of shut eye. I was absolutely exhausted from my almost non-stop humping, licking, sucking, and tongue fucking Keith. It was an additional bonus to fall asleep in his bed and enjoy his subtle body odor on the sheets. I enjoyed smelling my fingers too; especially the one I was able to gently force just a little ways up his tight butt hole. I'm not into shit but I'll never forget the heady aroma of his sweet firm clean ass. My secret exploration of Keith Zimmerman and his wonderful boots, body and ass remains my favorite fantasy memory.
Copyrighted 1997 Mike Sheridan


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